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Film is my passion, the idea of creating of worlds for audiences to explore is magical. I started off in Editing, to understand the mechanics of putting together a story onscreen by cutting promos, trailers, short films and some tv shows. After a few years I felt the need to explore other aspects of filmmaking and delved into Directing and Cinematography and found the right place for myself. Directing, bringing the idea to life is what I love to do. The challenges that come can seem impossible at first, but once achieved they're very rewarding. Director of Photography (DP/DOP), I believe is the next major role after Directing, and I love telling stories effectively using the image by having an understanding of the story’s motivation of lighting, camera angles and movement.

I worked my way up by shooting for small indy projects, slowly gaining experience and perfecting my craft. Now i work mainly as a Director and Cinematographer, although will take on the odd editing job here and there.

My recent Directing work includes my first feature film “D is for Detroit”. I also have some commercials, short films and music videos over the years. My cinematography work includes TV shows such as All About The McKenzies, many short films and corporate projects. Alongside freelancing, I also do some graphics design work and photography. I’m also a Creative Director at the creative agency, Rolling Creativity.

You can see my iMDB here.

Although the journey has only just begun, I feel confident to tackle far more challenging projects in the upcoming future.

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Some of my work.

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